There is a "coté Melies" in Christophe Wild, artist, poet, and unlikely handyman...
In a world that ubiquitously displays 3D with standardized and repetitive effects, Christophe continues to opt for the shorter D system, which he cleverly uses in his photography... To start, he creates a detailed storyboard of his project, anticipates its technical difficulties and devises ways in which they can be overcome. He then mixes traditional and digital techniques - natural light or studio photography, models, 2D illustration, matte painting - in an effort to render them indiscernable in the final outcome...
His roughman pub experience, his passage through the videogaming universe, and his collaboration with numerous acclaimed photographers taught him to let go of the reigns of a rigourous framework of imagination, to push the limits rather than stop short at them. As an amateur of '50s SF and genre cinema, Christophe Wild is currently working on numerous graphic novel projects while he waits to step behind the camera...
As for tomorrow, who knows what will appear from beneath the hat of this devil magician?

— Agora Gallery Montréal


Commercial & Editorial

I work directly with clients and advertising agencies in Europe, North America and Asia.

My Artistic Director experience allows me to have a precise expertise about your project and identify goals.

Private Commissions

I produce displays for private customers. These orders can beings an original and unique image for the decoration of your residence, bars, restaurants or your office.

You can also shoose your photography presented in the "PRINTS" gallery.


How old are you?

"I don't know my parents never told me!"

Do you make your own post-production?

"Yes ! I do everything... Storyboards, photo shooting and post-production. I create my pict from A to Z."

Do you work alone?

"Most of the time i work alone except for commercial work then i work with makeup artist and hairdresser."

Who are your influences?

"Any photographer ! But movies i grew up with and what i looking at here."

What camera do you use?

"My own eyes!"

Since when are you photographer?

"Since i know how to walk! I sold my first professional image at 19 years old."

How do i become a good photographer?

"Why do you waste your time write to me? You should be outside and make some pictures!"

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